CSIi Lab

The CSIi Lab is Greece’s first think tank, focusing mainly on cybercrime issues.
Its purpose is to provide independent research, analysis and advice in cyberspace that study the impact of the Internet on the Greek and international community.

The CSIi Lab is a primary objective source of information for people on the Internet who share their keen interest in cyber issues. The CSIi Lab will regularly publish research and analysis on these issues that are widely cited and used by the media and other socio-political actors.

The purpose of this think tank is the scientific exploration of new phenomena of our time, which come from new technologies. It is a call for action for all individuals to work together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users. This will, in particular, create a framework for people to reflect on the dangers that can arise using the Internet nowadays.


We study

The CSIi Lab is dedicated to the study of the management and development of the Internet.


We discover

The CSIi Lab explores new solutions for clients and advises them on solutions to various issues they may encounter in cyberspace.

As far as implementing this action is concerned, advice can be given to young people on safe internet navigation, helping them to acquire new “technological literacy” skills. These tips can also focus on issues of great importance, such as online bullying.
Information seminars can also be held for parents and teachers to help them understand more about what the young individuals can do online today. Guidance for social networks and practical tips on using security and privacy settings, will be given.


 We bridge our differences

The CSIi Lab bridges the differences between prefectures, countries, industries and organizations, creating a platform for better interaction between academics, industries and social groups.


We visualize

We believe that the Internet belongs to the world and is still evolving and so are we…