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Τhe «Ten Rules» for internet by CSIi, from AEK football players

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, AEK FC  went one step further by partnering with CSIi as ten players on their team made a video of the ten rules, we need to follow for safe web browsing with their mobile phones.


The video was presented at a special press conference held on 15/11 at team’s (AEK FC) office, in the hall of «Yiannis Xenakis».

The presentation was made by the Director of AEK FC, Mrs. Α. Arkadi, the Chief Public Relations Officer Mr Α. Dimatos  and the CSIi Founder, Mr. Εm.  Sfakianakis, Lieutenant General and former head of the Greek Cyber Crime Division.

Initially, Mr. Dimatos said, “We would like to thank Mr. Sfakianakis for joining us in this fourth consecutive AEK action in collaboration with the CSI Institute. Mrs Arkadi and Mr Sfakianakis will speak and then will see the video that the AEK footballers gladly prepared.”

Mrs Arcadi said  “I would also like to thank Mr Sfakianakis, who is the man who, besides his many achievements, is the inspirer and founder of CSIi, for the very good cooperation we have. This partnership started last year and continues. Today we are going to talk about a serious issue that concerns millions of families worldwide every day, Internet browsing.  Our footballers have filmed a video listing the Institutes ten guidelines for safe Internet browsing ”

Afterwards, Mr. Sfakianakis said “I would like to thank all the executives of AEK and personally the main arcade who through love and vigorous professionalism managed in cooperation with us to make a great campaign  which started last year, continues this year and i believe it will last for years.

The internet is not over, unfortunately there is a lot to look out for. It has a lot of positives to give, it has little negatives, but the negatives are the ones that should concern us. One reason why we are one click ahead of others is that we are daily in our childrens problems, in the problems of parents and we do not record them, we manage them.

If you look at our site you will see how many children we see per month, not per year. You will understand who the children trust. Children have an instinct. Because give them love on a daily basis, they trust us. Through our very good cooperation with AEK FC we have laid down the ten rules of the internet.”

Then came the screening of the video, which should be noted that in its English version it will be screened next week at the EFDN international conference, with AEK FC  invited to participate, in order to the Director of AEK FC, Angeliki Arkadi, analyze the specific actions of our team that have attracted international interest.