Our Vision

On April 2017, the Police Major General Manolis Sfakianakis, Special Investigator and Cyber Crime Analyst gave flesh and bones to one of the visions he had for many years. During a difficult time for the Greek society, he managed to find individuals who shared the same vision and together they created the CSI Institute.

The CSI Institute (Cyber Security International Institute), is a non- governmental and non-profit organisation, while the purpose of it has always been to provide services and not gaining profit. The Institute promotes educational and public benefit, including the prevention and treatment of internet security issues, as well as education, activation and scientific research in the field of new technologies and the Internet. Our goal is to help inform, educate and engage citizens with new technologies, as well as introducing them to a safer use of the Internet and right practises of online programs. While having as a main purpose to support the next generations, the CSIi wishes to contribute to education, vocational training and the emergence of new talents in IT (Information Technology) and programming, notably through lectures, online seminars and publications. Also, in collaboration with relevant agencies, we aim in creating, designing and implementing educational programs focusing on the development of new technologies, the safe use of the Internet and the management of online programs and other related topics, that will be taught in schools.

Regarding our interaction with older people, CSIi aims to contribute to career orientation, entrepreneurship and the emergence of new business ideas and talents in the field of internet security and technology, through the creation of professional training programs. Moreover, the Institute has the intention of achieving the creation of start-up competitions for start-up companies, providing a platform of action to qualified professionals, where in collaboration with our Institute, particular interventions and suggestions for future improvements or resolutions of problems of the State will be made.

Taken into consideration the aforementioned actions, CSIi desires to help promote scientific research, study and education on cybercrime issues, with particular focus on information and research on cyber threats (viruses, etc.) and training in safe navigation.

One more important mission of the CSIi is to engage all citizens to tackle security issues on the Internet by reporting any possible risk faced online to our help and support centre, where individuals will be given the opportunity to contact us either through our support chat found in our website or by calling us in our guidance line.

This Institute has been created with lots of love to the citizens of our society and their protection. The team of the CSIi will stand next to you and practically support any of your needs through a number of conferences that will take place all over the country and online programs. We are looking forward to the creation of a network of volunteers across the country, which will operate through branches, covering each county separately.

Finally, based on complete transparency, with the precious help of our sponsors and partners, we stand by each individual, with the common goal of prevention, education, protection and support.

The team of CSIi.