Training Tours

The CSI Institute is embarking on yet another innovative venture aimed at teaching ways of safe Internet navigation and giving students the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful day trip to the historic center of Athens and to explore the picturesque alleys of Plaka.

Students will then receive a two-hour interactive online lecture from our trained staff by using methodologies entrusted to us by the biggest technology experts in the world.

The lecture includes the essentials of digital security so that children can safely explore the internet through the following 5 themes and hands-on activities:

  1. Be Internet Smart – Share with Care
  2. Be Internet Awake – Don’t fall for fake
  3. Be Internet Strong- Secure your secrets
  4. Be Internet Kind- It’s cool to be kind
  5. Be Internet Brave- when in doubt, talk it out

The training process will take place in our offices accompanied by healthy snacks and refreshments for our little friends!

The age groups of the tour will be as following: 5 – 8, 8-11, 11-13, 13-16 and 16-18 years old!

We accept groups up to 25 people. The dates are set in consultation with the institution (school / tutorial) and the CSI Institute!

Contact us at or fill out the relevant contact form available here.