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With your contribution we can make a difference in so many lives. Your donation will help us to protect all of us and especially our children from the dangers of the internet, continue our educational activities and help the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged. Any financial support is very important for the continuation of our work. With your help, we will continue to support those in need, as well as informing children, adults, elderlies, parents and businesses by sending a strong message that prevention and information is the best weapon against crime. How to use your donation:

  • Infrastructure: support us so that we can provide services to more groups.
  • Information and training: enhance our efforts to provide a free online educational program for parents and children.
  • Development: creation and development of tools, applications and programs for cyber security.

Support our aim:

By web banking or at any bank by depositing to the follow account:

Account number: 5053-086956-921
ΙΒΑΝ:  GR17 0172 0530 0050 5308 6956 921
Cyber Security International Institute

If you choose to support us via bank deposit, please let us know as soon as possible at 2111 82 18 18 or at, so that your sponsorship receipt will be sent to you.

Each donor, except the sponsorship receipt, receives a thank-you letter, guides and books by Mr. Em. Sfakianakis for cyber security.

If you are a company or organization, you can support our work through a partnership within your Corporate Social Responsibility. Each  partnership memorandum is unique  and tailored to the profile and communication targeting of our partners. You can support our actions and/or become a consistent supporter of us. Through nationwide and international actions of Csii , there are a number of benefits that can enhance your organization’s social sensitivity.

Indicatively, Institute’s partners are mentioned to:

  • Institute’s online platform and social media  (Facebook, Instagram, youtube, linkedin, twitter)
  • Throughout Institute’s promotional and publicity material ( roll up banners, promo stands, flying banners etc.)
  • In the media with systematic, wide and high quality promotion (TV/radio spot, press releases, interviews).

If you would like to become a sponsor  of the CSI Institute  contact us at 2111 82 18 18 or at