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Our Team

Emmanouil Sfakianakis
Emmanouil SfakianakisPresident and Founder of Cyber Security International Institute
Kalliopi Ioannou
Kalliopi IoannouManaging Director at Cyber Security International Institute
Maria Patoulia
Maria PatouliaVolunteer - Student of Economics
Μary Gargalianou
Μary GargalianouVolunteer – Journalist, Life & Executive Coach
Aliki Tsika
Aliki TsikaVolunteer – Communications Consultant & Columnist
Poly Kefala
Poly KefalaVolunteer – Psychologist-Communicator
Ourania Papanikolaou
Ourania PapanikolaouVolunteer- Sociologist - Addiction Counselor – Counseling Services in Helplines
Alexandra Chatzistavrou
Alexandra ChatzistavrouVolunteer – Counseling Psychologist
Andrew Demenagas
Andrew DemenagasVolunteer
Laskarina Glynou
Laskarina GlynouVolunteer
Evita Spiridakoy
Evita SpiridakoyVolunteer – Criminologist
Eleni Machaira
Eleni MachairaVolunteer – Criminologist
Maria Mouzaki
Maria MouzakiVolunteer – Sociologist, MSc, PhD Candidate – University of Peloponnese
Visviki Rafaela
Visviki RafaelaVolunteer – Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
Thanasis Gialamas
Thanasis GialamasVolunteer – Computer Science Student
Ioannis Ioannou
Ioannis IoannouVolunteer – Trainer, Information Security Advisor
George Charistos
George CharistosVolunteer – Graduate of Information Technology
Rania Magounaki
Rania MagounakiVolunteer – Graduate of Information Technology
Fotis Aronis
Fotis AronisVolunteer – Computer Science Student
Kyriakos Katsaras
Kyriakos KatsarasVolunteer – Software Engineer – Trainer
Androniki Lappa
Androniki LappaVolunteer – Criminologist
Pantelis Tampakopoulos
Pantelis TampakopoulosVolunteer – Information Systems Security Specialist
Aliki Eleni Pouli
Aliki Eleni PouliVolunteer – Psychologist & Psychotherapist
Aspa Konstantoudaki
Aspa KonstantoudakiVolunteer - Psychologist - psychotherapist
Marios Giannakou
Marios GiannakouCSIi Antibullying Ambassador - Long Distance Athlete
Xrisi Tsamouri
Xrisi Tsamouri Volunteer