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Fotis Aronis

Volunteer – Computer Science Student

My name is Fotis Aronis and I am a Computer Science student at the University of Economics and Business, in Athens.

I enjoy involving myself with technology. I have experience in the Game Development field due to my work in an indie game development team. In that team I also had the chance to present my work in schools and other companies. I also have a YouTube channel in which I upload programming tutorials in my mother tongue, Greek.

My goal is to focus on cyber security issues and aim to achieve a career in Cyber Crime Agencies. After reviewing the actions of CSIi, I decided to include myself as a volunteer to their team in order to help them inform the Greek community about cyber-crimes and promote a safer way of using the Internet and the technological tolls that our contemporary society has to offer.

I want to help the team achieve its goals in any way I can as well as have the chance to improve myself and have new experiences.