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Digital Parents Academy

The CSI Institute is launching yet another innovative venture aiming the secure navigation on the Internet. This time it’s the parents turn, and the Institute’s goal is to inform them about the impact of the Internet on their children’s lives.

By doing so, parents will be aware of the Internet’s present data, its pros and cons, and the new phenomena, as well as the situations that the child or adolescent is confronted with (example: dangerous online behaviors that may be displayed).

This way, parents through this, free of charge, 8-hour educational program will be informed about both the technical and psychological issues that may concern their children. More specifically, this 8hour program will be divided into 4- 2hour modules.

  • The first section will be about informing parents regarding Internet exposure, Social Media, online gaming, Chatroom, Grooming, and other online pitfalls in order for them to be able to identify any risks that may face.
  • The second and third section will address the psychological issues arising from the use of Internet. The issues mentioned above, as well as issues such as Addiction and Cyber ​​Bullying, will be analyzed so that parents can identify any symptoms and know how to deal with such situations. Some of the question that are going to be answered on these two sections are as follows: What is the right and wrong communication on the Internet? How strong is the influence of the internet to children’s psychology?
  • Finally, the fourth section will include detailed practical solutions and precautionary measured that both parents and children can take regarding their safety on the Internet.

The mission of this Digital Academy is to equip parents, both technically and psychologically, in order to be able to interact and communicate with their children, and to educate them on how to navigate safely on the Internet. This is a distance learning program, where courses will take place in real time by qualified lectures, 4 times a month. The training cycle will be monthly, and attendance certificates will be issued. Classes will be online every Tuesday between 19:00 and 21:00. The first round will begin on Thursday, February 8th.

This action held by the CSI Institute would not be able to take place without the precious help of our sponsors, ANT1 and Wind. Also, these seminars will take place on an Educational Online Platform, called Blackboard, which will be accorded by the company Cosmolearn.

Applications can be submitted by Parents and Guardian Associations from all over Greece, as well as other public or private entities, by clicking  here.