Cyber-Doctors without borders

Concerning the safety of children, as well as adults, and the dissemination and application of the rules of cyber security, the International Institute for Cyber ​​Security (CSI Institute) is implementing a new action.

The aim of the new action is to disseminate this knowledge and to inform the residents of the remote areas.

The residents of the remote regions of the islands as well as of mainland Greece, due to their geographical location, are often excluded from useful information and training activities.

CSI Institute recognizes the need for equal access for all residents of the country to information and training in cybercrime prevention and cyber security, and seeks to reduce geographical distances by targeting visits to all the remote areas of Greece.

Residents will have the opportunity to be informed and discuss useful issues with Mr. Em. Sfakianakis, and his team, discuss their own questions and suggestions for a world safe for themselves and their children.

Knowledge must be traversed across borders, bridging any differences or distances, and cyber-doctors are ready to take action!