Aged between 13-18 years old and dealing with any problem or want to help a friend? Click below and talk with us.

Be a Volunteer

Our work is based in the goodwill and dedication of our volunteers, who support our day-to-day activities in informing, preventing and providing counseling to those seeking help for cyber security and risk management.
We would not be able to continue our aim, to provide prevention and information services that truly save lives without the support and dedication of our volunteers.

We welcome and count on the volunteering that is the heart of our Institute. Volunteering provides multiple benefits for those who follow it as it gives them the opportunity to meet new people and improve their personal and professional skills.

There are many ways you can volunteer for CSI Institute activities, helping us to create a better digital world for everyone!

For example, you can support us at:

• Secretarial and administrative support (students or graduates of Universities, Technological institutes, IEK, of all disciplines)
• Articles promotions and social media management (for students or graduates of social and humanities studies)
• Computer learning for elderly people (students or graduates of Universities, Technological institutes, IEK in the field of Computer Science, internet or new technologies)

What we offer to our volunteers:

• Τhe opportunity to contribute to the work and actions of the most creative Institute for International Cyber Security.
• Τhe opportunity to develop their skills and gain experience in cyber security and cyber crime.
• Enable their network

What we want from our volunteers:

• A minimum commitment of at least six months. We welcome volunteers who wish to stay longer.
• A commitment to our philosophy and values.

If you want to join our volunteer team and become an ally in our aim, send your resume and the volunteer form attached here signed and we will contact you directly!



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