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Press Release: CSI INSTITUTE Informs Internet Users About Attempted Financial Fraud With Fake Loan Ads

Athens, 29 January 2020


The International Institute for Cyber ​​Security (CSI INSTITUTE) is informing citizens – internet users, of an attempt at a well-known method of financial fraud involving low-interest rate loan and fast financing-disbursement.

The International Institute for Cyber ​​Security (CSI INSTITUTE) notes that both these ads and messages are in no way originated by credit institutions or credit providers.

It is recommended that Internet users do not respond to such emails requesting personal or financial data.

Also, users should never send any personal information (ID, passport, tax identification number etc.) or their personal financial data (bank account numbers, personal codes, credit card numbers, ATM card information, credit card verification codes, etc.) , via a shared email (webmail).

In addition, it is recommended that Internet users not open e-mails from unknown senders.

For similar cases, citizens can make a complaint by contacting the Electronic Crime Prosecution Division at the following contact details:

By phone at: 210 6476959

By sending an e-mail to: