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ANEK LINES and CSI INSTITUTE co-travelers in 3rd day of Safe Internet Browsing


ANEK LINES and the International Institute for Cyber ​​Security (CSI INSTITUTE) successfully co-organized the 3rd Interactive Workshop on “Safe Internet Browsing” on Wednesday, January 22, at the company’s Conference Center. The lectures were attended by hundreds of pupils and students of Secondary and Primary Education of Chania and Rethymnon municipalities, as well as teachers.

On behalf of ANEK LINES, President George Katsanevakis welcomed the students, assuring that the company would continue to support practical actions to ensure safe web browsing, while highlighting the role of Greek language in new technologies.

The main lecturer for the action, Lieutenant General (ea) ELAS and President of Cyber Security International Institute, Mr. Em. Sfakianakis, informed teachers and children on the proper use of technology, safe Internet browsing, and online threat management. Mr. Sfakianakis developed the “Safe Browsing Rules” and explained in great detail everything we need to know about the internet, since, as he said … “To deal with something, you must know it”.

During the day, children and teachers were able to observe for the first time in real time how easy it is for someone to manage their personal e-mails, their Facebook accounts and social media in general, but and how they can be protected from hackers. They learned, saw and heard what they have to apply.

Then CSI Institute Criminologist and Director Mrs Kalliopi Ioannou analyzed phenomena such as sexual abuse that can occur online when we communicate with people we do not know and when we accept requests for friendship from people we do not know.

Focus on the great attention required to make personal photos public, that can easily be a bit of an online bully.

It was shocking to see videos of real-life cases of children being bullied online, as well as their testimonies about how important it is – not to be silent but to talk about what is happening to them.

Special contribution was made to the implementation of the event, by the “Hellenic Olympic Committee”, the “National Olympic Academy of Greece” and “We All Can Do It”.

The seminar was attended by the Atsipopoulos High School, the Episcopal High School, the 2nd EPAL of Chania, the High School of Kolymvari, the 11th Primary School of Chania, 4th Primary School of Chania and the 8th  Primary School of Chania.

At the end of the event, the students asked written questions that confirm not only the need for the workshops but also the communication of “lifesaving” knowledge especially when it comes from well-known speakers, such as Mr. Sfakianakis.

Looking at the younger generations, ANEK LINES sensitively and responsibly enhances any action that aims to reliably inform and raise awareness of important issues that concern us all, such as the safe use of the Internet. .

We are proud to move on to the future!